Ian Fein is a Boston based cinematographer specializing in creating immersive films that provide a truly unique and engaging experience for the viewers. His previous work ranges from underwater nature documentaries and virtual reality films in Africa to commercials, trailers and inspiring promotional films for major corporations. Fein Productions is passionate about bringing its clients' stories to light and partnering with people that are making a difference in the world. 


    • Creative

    Need to come up with an idea to sell your product, help with how to tell you documentary or educate the next generation about marine science? We will work with you to craft your video story into something that is impactful.

    • PreProduction

    No matter how big or small your production is, Fein Productions will take care of all the logistics to schedule, crew and equip the shoot.

    • Production

    Want to produce your own video or you need Fein Productions to direct and you want to sit back and watch the magic happen? Either way, we’ll work together to get the product you want within your budget. Need the shoot to be underwater? We have that too!

    • Post Production

    Editing, color, music, graphics and effects all come together to make the vision a reality. Provide feedback to really hone in on your particular tastes.