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I am Ian Fein, a filmmaker originally from Northport, Maine, currently located in Boston, MA. Growing
up on the coast of Maine sailing, swimming and scuba diving, I acquired a natural curiosity of the world
around me. Fein Productions allows me to continue to explore the world through video and audio
production. I love telling a a story using multimedia in a unique way to engage, inform and entertain the
audience. No matter the size or subject of the project, I will focus on producing a quality product that
makes my client proud to call it their own.

Fein Productions is a full service production facility located right by Central Square in Cambridge, MA.
We can tailor our services to fit any subject and project size to provide our client with exactly what they

We provide the following services:

Underwater Specialization
Audio Field Tech
Audio Engineering
DVD Creation

Please email or call for pricing and availability.

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